Broad Spectrum CBD Flow Vape Cartridge 450mg

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Multi-Botanical CBD Vaporiser
Each flavourful puff of Flow activates deep feelings of calm & enjoyment. Flow combines 450mg of broad-spectrum CBD with synergistic botanicals & aromatics for a soothing, enlivening boost at work, at play, or in the bedroom.
    • "Cartridge" (battery/vaporiser not included)
    • Broad-spectrum CBD from sun-grown USA hemp grown to Organic standards
    • 100% All-natural & organic botanicals & terpenes
    • Independently lab-tested for purity & potency
    • Pure, premium hardware: glass cartridge
    • No propylene glycol or MCT, No Vitamin E acetate, no additives, thickeners, cutting agents, preservatives or THC
    • Oil colour & flavour can vary from batch-to-batch due to natural ingredient variations
Deliciously Smooth

Each inhale delivers luscious notes of real peppermint, vanilla, cacao and more.

Broad-spectrum CBD is naturally clarifying, helping to unwind tension & discomfort while enhancing your sense of well-being & resilience.

Broad-spectrum CBD (450mg)

Our hemp is sun-grown without pesticides on small organic farms using sustainable practices for enhancement of organic soil & protection of the local watersheds. Most outdoor hemp farms use plastic tarps as ground cover in order to prevent invasive weeds. Unfortunately, the plastic can leach into the soil, so our famers meticulously hand-weed. Although the hemp isn't certified organic, the land has been organically-cultivated for many years and organic techniques are used throughout.

The CBD-rich hemp is CO2-extracted — the gold standard for purity — yielding a broad-spectrum of cannabinoids and beneficial terpenes, with ZERO THC.

Natural & Organic Botanicals

We enhance this pristine, fragrant hemp extract with a blend of all-natural & organic terpenes & essential oils. This holistic botanical blend enhances CBD’s soothing, enlivening effects.

Both the hemp extract and the final multi-botanical blend are independently tested for purity — ensuring freedom from solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, microbes and other toxins.

Suggested Use
  • Longer inhales produce hotter vapor, so we advise starting with a 1-second "puff" followed by plenty of fresh air.
  • Every body is unique, so your initial satisfactory dose could range from just a puff up to several longer inhales. Experiment to find the dose that works for you.
  • To get more CBD from each puff, exhale until you see vapor start to leave your mouth — then inhale all the way back in and repeat a few times until you see less vapor on the exhale.
  • Sustainably-grown broad-spectrum hemp extract (450mg active CBD)
  • Essential Oil Blend (Organic Caryophyllene, Organic Cacao, Vanilla, Organic Peppermint, Organic Ginger, Organic Cardamom, Organic Myrcene
Included Hardware
  • 1.0 ML Cartridge
  • If you have a medical condition or take pharmaceutical drugs, please consult your physician before use.
  • CBD may temporarily decrease blood pressure, so if your blood pressure is already low, you may experience light-headedness. Drowsiness and dry mouth may also occur for some people.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Over time, the oil in your cartridge may darken, since the lighter aromatic oils evaporate sooner than the cacao. This is perfectly normal.
Crystals in Your Cartridge?
  • Due to the high levels of CBD in Flow, it's possible for some of the CBD to crystallize — appearing like clear shards clinging to the inside walls of the cartridge. You can still use Flow but we recommend two things:
  • Contact customer service to let them know. (We are tracking this in order to improve our next batch of Flow.)
  • Gently warm your cartridge by leaving it in a sunny window or placing in a waterproof baggie inside a mug of hot water. This should warm the oil, and dissolve the CBD. Once Flow is flowing again, reattach to your battery and take a few puffs to redistribute the oil into the cartridge's heating element.


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This vape has the most natural mint-choc-chip style taste, really incredible. Good strength too!