Lisa-Marie Marais

Are you new to Hemp, Cannabis, Cannabinoids and/or CBD rich hemp extracts?

Are you unsure of how to pick the right product without being marketed by 'cheap' price points, confused by inaccurately or deliberately mislabelled products and illegal medicinal claims?

Are you struggling to source genuine knowledgeable retailers and brand specialists?

Look no further.

Hemp Botanics have over 15+ years combined experience in the industry. 

Professional, empathetic and concise. We are able to offer you a confidential and discreet, specialist CBD consultation lasting 30 minutes.

Our Senior Consultant rate is £50 per 30 minute consultation.

We like to give back at Hemp Botanics, so after your first consultation, 10% of the consultation cost is given back to you as store credit.

Your consultation can take place by phone, or in person at our London store.

To book a consultation please email or call 020 8354 9179, where a member of our customer care team will be happy to assist.