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About us


Hemp Botanics is owned by Nick and Lisa-Marie, they are the true Pioneers of the UK CBD market which they created after Nick successfully managed to control his Chronic pain and Autoimmune conditions with a diet change and cannabinoid supplementation, something that modern synthetic medicine failed to do. Nick went on to advise and help many other people in similar situations to himself and it wasn’t long before this organically grew into the business it is today.

“We started this new and exciting industry with a dedication to provide the UK, Europe and world with the finest quality, most ethically sourced, 100% legal Hemp based, full spectrum, Third party laboratory tested essential oil extracts, Terpenes and products available on the market today.”

Hemp Botanics has earned credibility as a trusted provider and wholesaler of all-natural, US grown hemp products from some of the best brands in the industry. 

“We mostly only sell products that contain American Hemp derived cannabinoids because we strongly believe that it is, genetically, some of the finest hemp in the world.”


Hemp Botanics has very good relationships with select members of Parliament including the House of Lords who have direct contact with the MHRA and the FSA. Everything we do is done so with complete transparency and the full knowledge and understanding of the British government and these regulatory bodies. 

We ensure that the highest quality growing procedures are maintained, use all organic material and that only the best extraction processes and quality control measures are practiced and maintained.

All Hemp Botanics stocked products are third-party laboratory tested to determine their cannabinoid profile and hemp extract potency, including full tests for Safety and contaminants. This ensures that every batch of product meets our strict standards for quality and consistency.

Our quality control consistently exceeds current market standards, we can provide a laboratory report for each product by batch number, so you know what you read on our product labels are exactly what you’ll get.
Trust that you’ll receive tested, credible products of consistent quality from Hemp Botanics.

By conducting accurate, third-party tests, we can substantiate the volume of CBD printed on our product labels, as well as provide clear ingredient lists and suggested usage information.

We strongly believe in the properties of hemp and cannabis and strive to make it safe and accessible for everyone. 

Commitment to quality without compromise - Hemp Botanics

  • In January 2014 our founders became the first people to pioneer the UK CBD industry and to offer genuine laboratory tested CBD products for sale outside of America.
  • In August 2015 they became the first people since prohibition to successfully, commercially ship American grown, domestic Hemp derived cannabinoid products outside of the US, legally to the UK and then globally. This massive achievement then lead on to them both paving the way as true pioneers in the UK hemp/CBD industry by opening the global market for these US derived Hemp products.

"We are extremely proud of this very important and historic achievement that was attempted many times before us. Never since before prohibition had such products ever been shipped legally outside of America, we not only managed to achieve what was thought to be impossible but we very quickly set the standards for shipping these products globally, to every other country that is was possible to do so, something else that had not been achieved previously. At this point we were working day and night (which we both still are now) but....

...we were very happy to prove to all that doubted us that we could do what we promised and set out to, first time."

From this point Nick and Lisa-Marie went on to help guide many others (for free) and set up many of the very important ethical and safety standards and processes that are still used today by many UK, US and Global hemp and CBD companies in the shipping and quality control of CBD rich based products, globally. 
“We set the standards for this industry very high because it was easy to do. Any company not able or willing to meet the minimum standards really have no excuse. Every resource is available in order to produce the cleanest safest product possible, so why would you choose not to?” - Nicolas Ellis, 2015
  • In July 2015 Nick and Lisa opened the first ever truly dedicated/specialist CBD cannabis/Hemp store focusing on CBD rich, full spectrum supplementation for your Endocannabinoid system, in Kent UK. 
  • From April to September 2016 they were both an integral  part of the House of Lords APPG inquiry into the rescheduling of Medicinal Cannabis in the UK. Both were personally invited to give statements, evidence and offer advice to the members of the inquiry.


  • In June 2016 We moved from our Kent shop into our new Hemp Botanics, Portobello Road store in London. The first ever specialist CBD retail shop in London!

  • In August 2017 Hemp Botanics became the first UK company to introduce and sell organic, legal, non-psychoactive and safe CBD cannabis (Hemp buds) in our London shop on Portobello Road. High quality, organic and legal CBD rich cannabis (Hemp) buds in a variety of strains including CBD hashish as well. Another incredible achievement that is proving to be a real game changer for the UK that could re-ignite the much needed push for decriminalisation.

  • In August 2017 we attended the incredible and notorious Notting Hill Carnival for the second time. This time we showcased our legal CBD cannabis (Hemp buds) and the response was amazingly positive. We even had the support of the police, the few we managed to chat to were extremely supportive and positive about our stall, what we were doing and how we were doing it. Some even came and smelt the strains we had on display. The whole event was very historic, for the first time safe and legal cannabis was sold on the streets of London at Carnival in front of hundreds of police officers and people paid for their cannabis (Hemp buds) with their credit cards. we couldn't have experienced a more proud and humbling weekend if we had planned it.


- On the 20th of April 2018 Our owners became the first people in the UK to successfully navigate the procedures and permissions necessary to legally import US grown, high quality American Hemp commercially into the UK.

Thus solidifying the legal status of our CBD rich hemp buds that have been grown legally, under government licence, therefore classifying them as Hemp (not cannabis) and are shipped in the correct and proper manner. We can not vouch for anyone else’s products and any CBD flowers that have not been grown under a hemp licence are naturally classed as illegal cannabis no matter what the THC value.

Another big day for Hemp Botanics, it is also a potentially massive step forwards for the UK and for the legalisation and acceptance of cannabis in general!

With the Police fully supporting and advising our customers to ensure that they carry the original packaging the flowers came in and the proof of purchase to avoid any chance of prosecution due to confusion over what they are consuming.

”we are extreamly proud of our achievements so far, especially this one!
But it doesn’t stop there, with our unique relationships and new partnerships with our suppliers we will soon be able to offer these products at a wholesale and distribution level with an aim nurture this new market in the UK and EU with this amazing ‘legal weed’ for whoever wants it” - Lisa-Marie (co-founder)


“We wont stop, we will continue to strive to break new ground and achieve things thought to be impossible by others... It's in our nature”.



A very important point we would like to make very clear is that it is illegal for sellers of these products to make any medicinal claims, give medical advise or recommendations. We always ensure these standards are adhered too at Hemp Botanics.

We are aware of UK organisations and companies purposely spreading false and misleading information while not forefilling the minimum standards that we set when we created this market, we strongly believe these standards should be strictly followed by everyone involved in this exciting and growing market to ensure the best quality service and safest products available.

We do not condone the behaviour of these people in anyway, It doesn't serve the consumer or the industry any good, is totally unethical and not how we created this UK CBD market.

There is also a great deal of misinformation being spread about the legality of hemp and CBD products in the UK. At Hemp Botanics we only deal in truth, facts and evidence.  Hemp Botanics also ensure that the companies we work with produce ethically sourced products and that they test the products they produce fully and to the highest possible standards, for complete peace of mind and unquestioned quality.

We refuse to jeopardise your health, our health or Hemp Botanics reputation by selling anything that is grown with chemical fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides or growth hormones of any kind. We ensure that all products meet our extremely high standards of quality, safety and value.

Hemp Botanics does not sell, distribute or manufacture any product that contravenes the ‘Misuse of Drugs Act 1971’

We simply sell Hemp and Hemp derived products.
Love, Hemp Botanics xx