OG Blue CBD Crumble 800mg

OG Blue CBD Crumble 800mg

Extract Labs

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OG Blue is a hybrid strain that crosses OG Kush and Blue Crush. Though its effects are largely cerebrally oriented, OG Blue is known to also provide relief, relax muscles, and relieve nausea.

Cannabis Terpenes

  • 800mg CBD / 200mg minor cannabinoids
  • Terpene infused / C02-extracted
  • Broad Spectrum 
  • American hemp
  • Lab-tested

Extract Labs’ CBD Crumble is concentrated CBD meant for dabbing or smoking. Made from broad spectrum distillate infused with plant-derived terpenes, their Crumble is a great way to augment your current smoking ritual. They offer a wide array of terpene profiles from India to Sativa, and everywhere in between. Distillate used to produce Crumble is CO2-extracted in their Boulder, Colorado headquarters. Crumble is sold in 1g (0.03oz) increments.

Ingredients: CO2-Extracted Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate, Plant-derived Terpenes.

*Please note, there is a printing error on the label of this product. Our current batch states 750mg, whereas the product contains 800mg. This can be verified on the certificate of analysis (COA), which can be located here. Simply enter the batch number into the search bar to find the laboratory results.