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I take much joy in being able to introduce and explain why you may want consider True Terpenes !!!!!
What are terpenes?
Terpenes are the smell and taste profile produced by plant life. (These are further broken down into terpenoids, terpenes and flavonoids). We are only referring to terpenes. Collectively in specific ratio these compounds, make up a specific smell profile, i.e. roses, lavender, apples, etc. The same can be achieved with cannabis strains even when you extract the terpenes from other plant life. Did you know that terpenes play a massive role in the overall effect a strain has on your chemistry? Now that I've got your interest...
Terpenes are individual hydrocarbons with names like linolool, myrcene, alpinene, etc. mixed in the correct ratios nature has taught us we can now take advantage of, strain specific terpenes.
What are strain specific terpenes, you ask?
These are food grade safe, steam distilled and laboratory tested group of individual terpenes, formulated in a ratio to mimic that of some very famous cannabis strains whilst containing no CBD, THC or PG, etc.
If you are familiar with the landrace strain, Durban Poison. Well known for being a sativa strain that encourages creativity and socialising. We stock the strain specific terpene for, Durban Poison !
Terpenes are precursors to cannabinoids and they compliment / work synergistically with cannabinoid rich hemp extracts / oil.
You can consume your terpenes on their own if you prefer. To give you an idea in store we very much enjoy finding our strain specific terpene of choice that generally tends to be something like XJ-13, Super Lemon Haze, OG Kush or Strawnana. It all depends on the nature / demand of the day ahead.
We dispense two small drops into 500ml of water and drink as normal. * Where you can, drink the best quality water you can find to really compliment your experience.
Terpenes are considered natural mood enhancers and stems back to aromatherapy, a very similar view with the slight difference in that most aromatherapy oils are not suitable for ingestion but instead for massage and inhalation. Our terpenes are safe for all these uses and more. You can even watch a YouTube tutorial produced by our manufacturer and supplier, True Terpenes. Watch the video here
You can view the full range of strain specific terpenes here
A great combination to consider with True Terpenes would be a CBDistillery oil or capsule that is cannabinoid rich (less terpene profile), currently with 20% off for the month of January! For more information email shop@hempbotanics.com or call us on +44(0)208 354 9179 between 10am-6pm GMT daily. Alternatively, enjoy the True Terpenes experience inside Hemp Botanics store where we have a few sample strain specific terpenes available to try before you buy !  Buy safe - Third Party Laboratory Tested.
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