Made to fuel the body and the mind, herbal flavoured water. We all know how important it is to pay attention to not only remaining hydrated but in doing so, the quality of the water we choose. We have carefully sourced from market an affordable quality bottled water.
ENDO Water is powered by Alkame and Southern California powerhouse Statewide beverage for distribution. Statewide beverage has over 4,000 retailers on their client list including the LARGEST Marijuana dispensaries State side.
CBD oil can now be formulated to be used with food, drink or in your favorite snacks. Other beneficial applications of CBD's have been created as lotions, creams, topical shampoos and is effective for your pets.  
Endo Water is a pH balanced water infused with a 99.5% pure CBD oil processed using Nano Technology that makes the particles one-millionth of its normal size. This process allows the Nano-Sized CBD's to immediately penetrate your cells as opposed to the lengthy process of being absorbed by the body's digestive system. 
Endo Water uses a patented technology for pH balanced, micro-clustered for antioxidant protection and oxygenated for improved performance and energy. This is a first of its kind flavoured hemp beverage. They use food grade essential oils derived from the named flavours to deliver a thirst quenching beverage, with zero sugar, and no artificial flavouring.

Available in four flavors: Berry Acai, Lemon Lime, Cucumber, Watermelon

Expected retail price £6.99 in store, online and with Londons on demand courier, Quiqup.